6-WEEK Challenge

Next Challenge: April 22- June 3, 2023


Everything is more fun with a friend. Once they see your results, they will want them for themselves too.
Invite them to join you and experience the magic of P2P together!

The Lose 20 lbs. in
6-WEEK Challenge

  • Success Manual
  • Meal plans that adjust based on progress
  • Accountability & group support
  • Access to our large group training program with our certified coaches
  • Videos and inspiration
  • Entry to our private online community


With our proven resources, you are guaranteed results – as long as YOU put in the WORK.

Our workouts are short, fast-paced and fun!  They’ll have you looking and feeling better in no time.

Nobody gets results like us PERIOD. With over 4,000 documented success stories, thousands of before and after pictures and videos, our proof is in the “people”.


Success Manual

Knowledge is power. And we’ll equip you with everything you need to be successful in the Challenge. Our Success Manual will get you started and keep you going through the 6 weeks. And this valuable information will serve you well beyond the Challenge.

Meal Plans

Nutrition is the lynch-pin to a successful fitness journey. You’ll receive a meal plan that is designed for your success. And if you need modifications along the way, you’ll get that too.


We offer sophisticated technology that will track the intensity of your workouts, provide you with progress reports, as well as a cool point system that will motivate you to keep pushing.

Online Support

Nobody is successful alone. You will be amazed with our 24/7 online support. We can answer your questions, provide you with encouragement and support, and cheer you on as you hit your goals and complete your transformation.

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6 Week Fitness Challenge

Our 6 Week Challenge includes:

  • Access to our P2P in person and online group training program with our certified coaches
  • Meal plans that adjust based on progress
  • Accountability & group support
  • ​Entry to our private online community

Capacity restrictions are in place and as a result we must limit the number of people we allow in our program. Make sure you are first to secure your spot!

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“I was concerned about coming back but when I saw how clean and safe it was and everyone was apart It made me feel much better. Seeing everyone from the virtual workouts is so much fun and working out with people holds me accountable. The energy is great and I get a better workout.”

Candice Conrad

“The outside workouts are amazing. In addition to the physical activity, it is the emotional support, encouragement and smiling faces that I have been missing. This is the best thing and I am so thankful that Latasha and the coaches have put this together for us.”

Deb Kaldunski

“Outdoor workouts have been absolutely safe and fantastic! It’s so much fun to see our coaches, fit family and to do amazing workouts! We are really having a wonderful experience! Encourage everyone to join! Go PTown.”

Siva Surapaneni

“The outside workout is just as powerful as the inside. I am so appreciative of my gym and our coaches for making this possible and keeping us going.”

Chrissy Amaral